Boiling Springs
Boiling Springs Church Before The New Fellowship Building Was Built
Boiling Springs Church After The New Fellowship Building Was Built
Boiling Springs Church In The Past
It's story of origin as told by the Reverend James Frazier, who passed away in 1993 at the age of 85 years old.

Some methodist missionaries approached some people that lived on the north side of Boggy Creek (from now, Boiling Springs), around 1910 or 1911.  Andy Frazier, Loman Frazier (Mishontombi) and Mose Burris were offered five acres tract of land for a certain amount of money.  These three men purchased this land by chopping cotton.  Later, these men were offered to purchase 15 more acres of land in which they purchased in the same manner.

The name "Boiling Springs" was a name that was brought over from a location in Mississippi.   From the south side of the church, less than a quarter of a mile, is a spring/well that continually boils at the bottom which has never known to go dry, Boiling Springs.  At one time, there were as many as six families who resided on the church grounds who drew water from this well.

In 1952, the methodist church built a new church at Boiling Springs.  The sanctuary of the church was surrounded by three small classrooms.  This facility lasted until 1992 when it burned to the ground and it was unknown whether it was by accident or if it was on purpose.

In the year of 1994 the church was rebuilt by the United Methodist Church on the same foundation.  The primary purpose that the church was built was so that their grandchildren would have a place to go to church.

The congregation is mostly made up of descendants of Andy Frazier but some of the descendants of Loman Frazier and Mose Burris are still carried on the rolls.

(History of Church By Reverends James & Jeff Frazier)

Jess Humes                 Oliver Neal                 E.E. Tims
Callen Burris               E.H. Byars                  L.H. Brandy
Lester Tims                 Byars Columbus        Kennedy Myers
Rosa Baker                  Alexander Peter         Isaac Mitchell
William Postoak         Jerome Brown           Willie James
Abner Finley                A.I. Thompson           Denver Garland
B.I. White                    P.J. Taylor                  David Imotichey
G.R. John                     E.H. Byars                 Justin Graham
Osborne Roberts         Jimmy Walker           Mose Harjo
Dan Sexton                  Jeff Frazier

In earlier times, there were families that lived on the grounds of Boiling Springs.  Below is a list of families as recalled by Darla Wolf (Alexander) who resided there:

James Frazier & Family                                      Jeff Alexander & Family
Frank Frazier & Family                                      Wisey Meashintubby & Family
Joe Shields & Family                                          Elliot Roberts & Family
Johnny Holman & Family                                   Andy & Mandy Frazier
Frank Carpenter & Family                                  Mary Shields & Family
Alfred Shields & Family                                     Lula Miller & Family
Truman Frazier & Family                                    Numerous Pastor's & Their Family

It has always been a tradition at Boiling Springs Church to sing their native Choctaw hymns. In order to preserve the hymns and hand it down to the next generation, the congregation went to a recording studio and recorded 30 hymns which was placed on a compac disc.

Singers on this compac disc include the following:  Jeff Frazier, Betty Frazier, Ron Frazier, Mary Jane Smith, Stanley Smith, Shannon Parnacher, Craig Parnacher, June Praytor, Danny Praytor, Geneva Holman, Sheila Bennett, Ramona Miller, Darla Wolf, Osborne Roberts, Christine Roberts.  Marie Frazier was present to sing but couldn't because of illness.